Learning With Lola

Learning with Lola

Lola Tarasco


Many of you are familiar with Lola Tarasco. Not only is she a friend and client of M.J. Baker Financial Advisors, she is a registered nurse, certified dementia practitioner, and gerontology certified. She has decades of experience working with the elderly. M.J. Baker Financial Advisors is partnering with Lola this year to bring her knowledge and expertise directly to you. 


Installment One

Senior Fall Risk

Falling is the number one cause of injury and death in adults 65 and older. Lola is here to discuss fall risk, prevention, and safety. Please tune in for this important information so you can help guide and protect yourself and the loved ones in your life. 



Installment Two

Arthritis Education

Millions of people suffer from arthritis. There are many types of arthritis affecting one in four adults. There are many coping mechanisms utilized to deal with both the physical and mental effects. The more you know, the better you can manage the condition. 



Installment Three


The human body is composed of approximately 60% water, and needs to replace 2-3 quart of water daily. It is important to drink enough water to replentish your body. Let's hear what Lola has to say on the topic.



Installment Four

How to Know Additional Help is Needed & the Difficult Conversation

What changes occur that allow you to anticipate that additional assistance may be needed before a crises incident occurs? Education is key to helping you make the best decision for our loved ones, and taking their concerns, fears and emotional well-being.  



Brain Health

with Lola Tarasco

Lola joined us to discuss normal aging of the human brain versus Alzheimer's/dementia, sleep and the brain, and ways to promote your own brain health.